Forrest Gump


No, no – I said you are to come when BIDDEN…




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Or even William Tell… But I guarantee you, I WILL hit that apple…



from The Loney Infermo



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It’s all about heart.




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For those who may have missed them, here is a collection of links

I have shared more or less recently on Twitter via @pumpkinsam:


A map of the United States showing off each state’s culinary specialty

The Caped Crusaders take on the combined forces of the Internet

Honest food-prep instructions

Steampunk Star Trek photos

13 Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Ads Aimed at Kids

A great set of old photographs portraying the fire hazard that was 19th-century London

30 Dark and Twisted Illustrations by Russian artist Anton Semenov

30 more Weird Illustrations by an artist known as dholl

In Hawaii, how do you get all the books from the old library to the new one? By human chain, of course.

And finally,

How to Organize Your Cats





If you’re finding the weather outside to be frightful, fix yourself a nice mug of hot chocolate and enjoy these snow-related videos:


This first one illustrates the advantages of staying inside with the hot chocolate. Because if I ever decided to clean the snow from my roof, this is probably how I would do it too:




But it is possible to have fun outside as well. Even the Amish know how:




If you are an awesome eight-year old girl, you can go out and have your fun, then come back home and write a song about it:




Finally, you might want to at least pop outside long enough to collect a bowlful of the fluffy stuff to make your own Snow Ice Cream:




The recipe begins about halfway down the page. And as the author helpfully notes:

“Please don’t use yellow snow.”


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