Let’s just say I hate piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.


I like baseball and horror movies and rock-and-roll.


And old cars and H.P. Lovecraft stories and pretty much anything that’s painted more than three colors.


I don’t care much for winter, or black jellybeans.


Or centipedes. I don’t like to kill anything and it’s hard to catch them and put them
outside ’cause they run really fast. I guess it’s because of all the legs.


I like thunderstorms and the Minnesota Twins and yeah, Zima.


I even like Shemp. But not as much as Curly. Sorry, Shemp.


I like Laurel and Hardy, and Calvin and Hobbes. And Batman, but not Robin.


I like things that are the same as they were yesterday. Unless yesterday they sucked.


I like macaroni, and I like cheese. You can imagine how excited I was
when I found out about macaroni-and-cheese.


I had a similar experience with peanut butter and jelly.

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