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The Wooly Tuna. The Giant Arctic Bullfrog. The Hyperweasel. For all of Mother Nature’s magnificent creations, she still left some notable gaps in the splendorous tapestry that is life on planet Earth. At the Uncyclopedia, an effort has been made to catalogue those diverse and fascinating animals that are conspicuously absent from our favorite blue-green world.

Follow the link below to learn more about such fabled creatures as the Electric Eagle ("capable of taking down deer, jaguars, or William Shatner") or the feared Transparent Tiger, which is completely invisible and therefore "not particularly popular in zoos".


Behold the Fire-Breathing Hamster:

Fire breathing hamster 

Though fierce in appearance, the Saber-Toothed Rabbit poses no threat to humans. Its main food source is the Giant Carrot.



Caution: Some of the animals may be frightening to small children, such as the Great Horned Spider Monster, the Vampire Chicken, the Werecow…


Link: Animals That Don’t Exist but Should


While the traditional media focused on disruptions to air travel caused by ash from the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj√∂kull , here at the Zima Zone we are more concerned with the volcano’s impact on everyday life.




As the photo above shows, the eruption came with disastrous timing, occurring at the height of Iceland’s annual marshmallow harvest. Experts in the field of marshmallow futures predict a significant rise in price for the sweet confection, likely to affect this summer’s campfire activity and raise the cost of S’mores to previously unheard-of levels. Though Iceland’s proud marshmallow farmers are a famously independent group, many have now petitioned the European Union for financial aid. Let us all pray that this crisis passes before any further damage is done.


More awesome volcano pics can be seen at (via Utterly Boring)


The Chattanooga Police Department has now issued a statement confirming that its officers will no longer be using bacon-flavored bumper wax on their patrol cars, due to the following incident:





The world’s highest tennis court can be found at the hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai.


You can see where the court sits in this spectacular evening view:


The interior of the hotel is no less  extravagant:burj_interior1burj_interior2burj_interior3


Visit this link at to see more. There is even a video of Andre Agassi and Roger Federer playing on the tennis court. (And because boys will always be boys, of course at the end they try hitting balls off the court at the boats below.)


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National Animals


One of several funny and thought-provoking illustrations posted at This Blog Rules


Create your own unique work of art using String Spin


A fun little toy, slightly addictive and reminiscent of the Spirograph.


I have not yet figured out how to make any of these shapes on purpose.


And unfortunately there seems to be no way to save your creations other than by using a screen capture utility. But it’s a nice way to relax for a few minutes and take a break from filling out those TPS reports.


Link: String Spin


I can only imagine the card that went along with this cake:

Last Birthday Cake


Dear Patrice,
We all wanted to make sure you appreciate how special this day really is. We hope you enjoy the gift card – be sure to spend it soon, because it is due to expire even before you are.
Your Survivors


One of the many sugary disasters on view at Cake Wrecks


Actually, it’s more an example of how not to stop:




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Though it raises far more questions than it answers, the following video makes one thing absolutely clear: that our current methods of measuring weirdness are now sadly outdated. There exists a rising new generation of freakish individuals whose mental abnormalities far exceed those of the familiar drooling idiots of the past. Please realize that by even watching this clip you are encouraging the kind of behavior it contains.



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Browsing the "kids’ and family movies" section at the local Target outlet revealed the chain seems to have a rather, um, interesting definition of the category:




Hey, kids always like clowns, right?


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