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Proof that being single does have its advantages…



And yes, of course I will be playing Warrant’s "Cherry Pie" at high volume whilst I nom.


Update: See the two littlest pieces? I made them into one big piece :P





One of the many funny Chuck & Beans cartoons at the Shoebox Blog.


Bobby socks. Poodle skirts. Tailfins on cars… Nostalgia for the 1950’s brings us back to a time when American civilization was adjusting to the realities of the Atomic Age and teetering on the precipice of the future. No area of society was undergoing more radical change than the music industry. From the provocative gyrations of Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry’s driving rhythms on the newly introduced electric guitar, the face of music was changing and finding new ways to speak to a suddenly exploding population of baby boomers hungry for a way to express their individuality.

It was a little-known player in the nascent computer industry called the Apple corporation which poured gasoline on the fire by providing these suburban teenagers with a tremendous and unforeseen innovation – portability. On this date in 1957 the first iPod was rolled out, accompanied by one of the first nationwide ad campaigns. Hired spokesmen Bill Haley and His Comets appeared on a commercial during the Ed Sullivan Show promoting the device as "Your Own Way to Rock Around the Clock" and the product took off immediately. Subsequent models soon doubled the battery life to an astounding forty minutes. The consumer culture was born, electronics supplanted electricity as the latest scientific boon to society, and the nation hurtled headlong into the modern age.


But it all began right here:


1950s ipod



Image from a photoshop contest at
Artist: mcdj18


One of these days I want to make a stop-motion video, too.
I just need to come across a whole lot of spare time.

And apparently, some spare change.




I had been debating whether the bacon-cheese turtleburger was worthy of a blog post.




It was certainly unique, but there just seemed to be something missing…




Then it hit me – this turtleburger can’t be served properly without a bun.





Link: Turtleburger at  This Is Freaking Ridiculous

         Turtlebun found at imgfave


Another birthday party, another group of permanently traumatized children:



Census Taker: “First Question: How many people live at this residence?”

Old lady: “Zero.”

Census Taker: “You don’t live here?”

Old lady: “Oh – including me? Three.”







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