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You probably didn’t think you had the coolest-looking mailbox in the world anyway, but let’s just be clear about it:


You don’t.



This might not even be the coolest, but it’s still way cooler than yours.


If you think otherwise, send me a pic…





The really odd thing is that he/she appears to be drowning in bacon…

But then I know some people who would probably like to go out that way.



Is this sign in the jungle? There seems to be an awful lot of foliage in the background:




You don’t see too many polar bears in the tropics.


And as far as 600-lb females go, I tend to avoid them regardless of species…


But the important thing to remember when confronted with a polar bear is that you should never, ever try to disguise yourself as a hole:




Especially a strange-smelling one.



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Life as an out-of-the-blue internet celebrity has its share of ups and downs, in large part because nobody ever has time to plan for it. One day you were sitting there minding your own business making an ass of yourself in front of an intimate group of cameramen and tv reporters, and the next thing you know your compulsive buffoonery was being spread across the internet by an army of pasty-faced basement-dwelling geeks while they waited for their Call of Duty buddies to get home from the comic book store.


Your life was no longer under your own control – not once You Became a Meme:




And here is the original video, just for purposes of comparison.

No, who am I kidding? I am putting this up just because I like this song, I like this video, and because this is my blog and I can do WHATEVER I WANT. (Cue evil supervillain laugh.)




And finally, this one is perhaps my favorite meme of all time: "I Like Turtles."

This kid might have been left out of the music video, but you will always be in our hearts, Jonathan.

Even if you are like twenty-eight years old by now.




Because when it comes right down to it, I like turtles too.




metro - man found dead1



Somehow I just don’t think he started his day EXACTLY as usual…

And probably the other passengers didn’t either.



Prepare yourself to embark upon a totally mind-bending and semi-psychedelic voyage through a twisted phantasmagorical reality stitched together from the odd fragments of your own discarded nightmares.


The Zoomquilt is dated 2007, so this piece of brain-contorting art is not new. But perhaps it is new to you. It is impossible to describe, so just click on the picture or link below to experience it for yourself.


Notes: It is fine to watch as is, but if you wish you can move your mouse to the left and use the slider at the top of the credit pane to speed up, slow down, or even go backwards. Move your mouse back to the right to close the credits.

Eventually the video repeats. When you see the "Enter the Zoom World" sign pictured below, you are at the end. (Or is it the beginning?)



Enter the Zoom World



Here is another fun stop-motion film.
This one is a promotional video made for Australian TV1.



I love the gummi seahorses.
Anybody know what the hairy red things are?


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It seems that paleontologists may never stop debating the cause of the great dinosaur extinction which occurred 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period. The following visual aids have been prepared to aid the layman in understanding the competing extinction theories currently in vogue.


The first theory blames the great lizards’ downfall on their own poor intelligence due to Nature’s supplying them with brains the size of walnuts. This is known as the "Dinosaurs Were Just Dumb" hypothesis and can be summarized thusly:




Most researchers today, however, subscribe to the belief that the dinosaurs were done in by an unavoidable airborne catastrophe. This is referred to as the "Death From Above" theory and goes something like this:




And so the debate rages on.



first image by dan regan of shoeboxblog

second image: bizarroblog




Actually, a top hat and nice tea party have the same effect on me…


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