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In one of the all-time great pranks, the team at Funny or Die recruited Jewel to go undercover for karaoke night at a small-town bar. Her disguise included a wig, glasses, false nose, and even a prosthetic butt normally reserved for use on medical patients who have suffered traumatic butt disfigurement.


Introduced as “Karen” from the frozen-food department, she allowed herself to be coaxed onstage by her planted “co-workers” and proceeded to bring the house down:




One good metric for determining corporate efficiency is consistency throughout all levels of the operation. That is to say, when problems both large and small are handled with the same effective approach. As this video clearly demonstrates, oil giant BP attacks difficult situations with the same fierce intensity regardless of the nature of the accident.


Exec: “I’ve got Kevin Costner on the phone. He’ll know what to do for sure!”


BP Spills Coffee:





Just posting this because it’s been a while since I put anything up and this one is always good for lifting the spirits.


Not saying that you need your spirits lifted or anything…


Oh just watch the dang thing:




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