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You make the call – awesome display of female athletic ability or an amazingly lifelike basketball-shooting robot? And why does the guy even bother stepping up to the line after this girl shoots? He’s already been pre-pwned…





Just one in a series of helpful tips for new parents.

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found at TopCultured



It’s okay to laugh at this one the first time you see it.
I’m pretty sure sure it’s okay to laugh at this the first time you see it.
I really hope it’s okay to laugh at this the first time you see it…




Why build a tiny catapult the size of a matchbook?
To throw miniature pies at flying insects, of course:




Pat Sajak is shocked when this lady offers to solve the puzzle after just one letter is revealed.
Even more so when she does it:




Don’t argue with an ibex:




Getting stuck on the runway in your airplane might not be too terrible of an experience – as long as the other passengers you are stuck with are a symphony orchestra:




America will never truly recover its position in the world as long as the Japanese are kicking our butts in condiment technology:




And finally, watch as two sets of identical twins – apparently both evil – mess with the heads of passers-by:



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