Such a cute group of primitive legendary savage beasts!

Unfortunately the following posters from Familytree Design and Illustration are all sold out.

According to their website a new set of monsters is due in November, so keep your eyes peeled.

Apparently these were limited to an edition of 100 – so if you’re really interested, you may want to get on their mailing list.


Monster Friends Poster Set:










Artist Dalton Ghetti of Bridgeport, Connecticut spends his time carving tiny sculptures into the lead of pencils.




Mr. Ghetti completes his work using a sewing needle and a razor blade – and without the aid of a magnifying glass.




He sells postcards and posters of his work, but never the pieces themselves.


     pencilart2[6]          pencilart3[5]


If you catch him playing chess with his friends and neighbors at the Harborview Market, you can even get him to autograph one of the postcards for you.



But he will only sign it in pencil.




Further Information:


Read the New York Times story on Dalton Ghetti


More pictures at BuzzFeed


Story and pics at The Daily Mail


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