Artist Dalton Ghetti of Bridgeport, Connecticut spends his time carving tiny sculptures into the lead of pencils.




Mr. Ghetti completes his work using a sewing needle and a razor blade – and without the aid of a magnifying glass.




He sells postcards and posters of his work, but never the pieces themselves.


     pencilart2[6]          pencilart3[5]


If you catch him playing chess with his friends and neighbors at the Harborview Market, you can even get him to autograph one of the postcards for you.



But he will only sign it in pencil.




Further Information:


Read the New York Times story on Dalton Ghetti


More pictures at BuzzFeed


Story and pics at The Daily Mail



Ahh, Sunday: The perfect day to go out for a relaxing drive.




But while it may be pleasing to just head out by yourself and get away from it all, you might find that taking along the family can be a lot of fun too.




Wearing your helmets at all times is a must, not only for safety reasons but to avoid ruining your Sunday by having a run-in with the police.




Photos from  the bubble cars collection at oobject.com

Wait – why is this called the “bubble cars” collection?

Okay, that’s more like it:




Many, many more tiny cars can be viewed at the Microcar Museum:





You probably didn’t think you had the coolest-looking mailbox in the world anyway, but let’s just be clear about it:


You don’t.



This might not even be the coolest, but it’s still way cooler than yours.


If you think otherwise, send me a pic…



Is this sign in the jungle? There seems to be an awful lot of foliage in the background:




You don’t see too many polar bears in the tropics.


And as far as 600-lb females go, I tend to avoid them regardless of species…


But the important thing to remember when confronted with a polar bear is that you should never, ever try to disguise yourself as a hole:




Especially a strange-smelling one.



Images posted at Safety Graphic Fun


Disturbing evidence has been unearthed which suggests that the Pepsi-Cola Company holds an inexplicable and poorly concealed animosity towards the good people of Japan, who have found themselves on the receiving end of some of the least welcome product rollouts in recent memory. This undeclared war against one of America’s strongest allies began with an act of outright hostility:


When the proud island nation refused to crumble following the introduction of yogurt-flavored Pepsi White, the corporate behemoth brought out the big guns and began "test-marketing" a society-threatening beverage which Pepsi claimed was merely a response to the overwhelming demand for a carbonated vegetable soda:


No word as of yet on the number of casualties.


Link: 13 Disgusting Pepsi Flavors posted at oobject


From the collection at http://haha.nu/funnymages/bizarre-signs/

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