If you’re finding the weather outside to be frightful, fix yourself a nice mug of hot chocolate and enjoy these snow-related videos:


This first one illustrates the advantages of staying inside with the hot chocolate. Because if I ever decided to clean the snow from my roof, this is probably how I would do it too:




But it is possible to have fun outside as well. Even the Amish know how:




If you are an awesome eight-year old girl, you can go out and have your fun, then come back home and write a song about it:




Finally, you might want to at least pop outside long enough to collect a bowlful of the fluffy stuff to make your own Snow Ice Cream:




The recipe begins about halfway down the page. And as the author helpfully notes:

“Please don’t use yellow snow.”




Many more available at Simon’s Cat



These Japanese guys put on a pretty awesome display of coordination.
It starts out plainly enough, but keep watching as they take it to a whole other level:



I thought that was about as awesome as you could get –
but that was before I saw these teenage American girls jump-roping…
(rope-jumping?) (jumping rope?)



Also only in America will a random crowd shot include a bear in the stands waving a shark in appreciation.
Can you spot it?
(ok, it’s at 7:19)



You make the call – awesome display of female athletic ability or an amazingly lifelike basketball-shooting robot? And why does the guy even bother stepping up to the line after this girl shoots? He’s already been pre-pwned…




It’s okay to laugh at this one the first time you see it.
I’m pretty sure sure it’s okay to laugh at this the first time you see it.
I really hope it’s okay to laugh at this the first time you see it…




Why build a tiny catapult the size of a matchbook?
To throw miniature pies at flying insects, of course:




Pat Sajak is shocked when this lady offers to solve the puzzle after just one letter is revealed.
Even more so when she does it:




Don’t argue with an ibex:




Getting stuck on the runway in your airplane might not be too terrible of an experience – as long as the other passengers you are stuck with are a symphony orchestra:




America will never truly recover its position in the world as long as the Japanese are kicking our butts in condiment technology:




And finally, watch as two sets of identical twins – apparently both evil – mess with the heads of passers-by:




When window shopping, one should always be cautious in one’s choice of window…




Dot – she’s cute as a button, and the size of one too.
Quite a resourceful gal as well.





A movie about the founding of Farmville – I mean, Facebook – appeals to me about as much as Facebook itself. (I’m not a fan.) Twitter, on the other hand, is the best thing to come along since sliced crack. I would love to go behind the scenes and witness the birth of this modern marvel. I imagine events unfolded somewhat as depicted in the following clip…


Twitter founder, defending his creation with unassailable logic:
“If Twitter was as useless and as boring as they say, then somebody would have tweeted it!”


The Twitter Movie Trailer:





As if we didn’t already have enough to worry about, there is now such a thing as a Fire Tornado.
One appeared in Brazil:



And one in Hawaii, where emergency responders watched it only briefly before saying “that’s it, we’re out of here”:



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